The Untraditional Saison (sort of)

So here I am again at the end of summer (or early fall), writing another entry about a saison.  Last year I wrote about my 2016 saison, where I talked a little bit about the tradition of saison and how I used it to make that beer. This year is a

Making A Session NEIPA

Here I am, typing this post admitting to the internet  that I messed up my session New England IPA.  I'm also here, typing this post to let you know that despite the errors I made I managed to crank out a pretty decent beer.  There are a couple of bold

Flexible Sight Glass Installation

A number of weeks ago I purchased a flexible sight glass from and it was finally warm enough for me to do the installation.  Below shows the method I used to install it on my second keggle.  I apologize for the wind in the background, I just wanted to

Back to extract, what a joy!

This past Christmas my brother-in-law's family bought me an extract kit as a gift.  It was a milk stout kit from Blackstone Valley Brewing in Rhode Island (recipe below).  While very thoughtful gift, iy wasn't something I was expecting.  I mean, I don't do extract anymore.  With occasional parti-gyle  when I do

Session Beers: My 2017 Brew Year’s Resolution

While deep in the season of excess I'm thinking of doing more with less.  In this case, it's with less alcohol by volume.  Over the past number of months I've realized that my beers have been increasing in strength and that's doing wonders for me. I'd much rather sit back

Trying Brew In A Bag

I've been hearing a lot about the all-grain "brew in a bag" (BIAB) style of mashing.  I've held off for awhile but finally made the plunge.  I've been all-grain brewing for a while now (videos: Mash Tun, Grain Mill) and have all the equipment needed, but I wanted to try

2016 Saison (in a truer sense of the word)

As it was nearing the middle of summer I was looking for something a little "summery".  I had just kegged a cream ale and brewed a double IPA (I only do one a year or so) and I was looking for something different. 398

Why Am I Getting Tired Of Commercial Beers?

Listen, I know you read the headline and are ready to rip me a knew one.  So please hear me out, it won't take long. I am honestly asking this question and am doing some soul searching myself and could use a little help.  So after you feel like ripping a

Letterkenny – My Irish Warmer

Since I'm part Irish and a homebrewer I felt compelled as St. Patrick Day approached to make an Irish beer.  In American there aren't that many beer styles that scream "Ireland".  Aside from stouts and reds there really isn't a whole lot out there.  I wanted to brew something different.